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LaceMono update (V1.12) [2016/05]
The Paranoid again updated Tony Hoyle's monochrome emulation to a version 1.12. Now the black border is fixed and palette inversion as known from SM124 is supported. You can grab the updated tool in the releases section.

SaboTagE Steps [2016/03]
Our graphician Dan provided a number of steps from sketches to final graphics for the Sabotage demo. Have a look at the "Making of" steps right here.

SaboTagE - A new Atari STE demo is released! [2016/03]

F i n a l l y ! We are really happy and relieved to release our latest Atari STE demo. Creating this demo was an intense and long-lasting experience with its highs and lows. (the first bits for the project started back in 2010). What makes this production also really special for us is that all members have been actively involved in one way or the other. Anyhow, more details can be found in the readme textfile. For now, feel free to download SaboTagE or watch the video above (Cheers Evil/DHS for that one!). Enjoy and greet your STE from us!

Sabotage - We are still on it! [2016/03]
Long time no news, however the release section was just updated with our Sabotage Teaser screen from Silly Venture 2014. And yes, we are right at the closing stage of our Sabotage demo! STE you soon!

Paradox at Sillyventure 2013 - new releases for Atari ST and Atari STE [2013/12]

We are back on both Atari ST and STE with some new demo material. Three of us visitied the recent Sillyventure Atari party in Gdansk, Poland. This was a massive Atari party with plenty of releases. We showed our new music disk "Relix". It is a cooperation project with Dead Hackers Society that did the major part of the coding and presentation work. "Relix" is a rather big chipmusic disc (107 tunes) for Atari ST which features tunes created in the period from 1996-2013. Evil/DHS was so kind to record the entire 3 hours duration of the demo (see youtube video above).

Furthermore in Gdansk, we (or rather RA and The Paranoid) finished "It's a girl 2" in a hard working hotel coding session. So there is the second birthro of its kind - we will see how far the series will go in the future! Get the new demostuff at the releases section. Huge thanks to Evil/DHS for that video as well - the technical tricks required an update of the Hatari emulator even:)

Back on Falcon! [2012/12]

It has been a while, but here is our contribution to the Silly Venture 2012 Falcon demo compo. The Falcon is not our current main playground but we all love this machine - be it for sweet memories or its multimedia pioneering spirit form the 90s. With this lovely machine getting 20 years old, we were tempted to get back to it. Read the full story in the respective infotext. This demo is a commemorative slideshow of the great past years and releases done on this system and our tribute to the Falcon demoscene, a very special collective. May the story of the Falcon continue!

Atari ST/E Blitter FAQ released! [2012/12]
The Paranoid has finished his documenation called The Atari ST(E) BLiTTER in brief. It features a technical overview as well as aspects of the Blitter application and affiliated problems, also regarding system compatibility.

Download in the releases section. We hope it is of any use for you.

Tribute to Jack Tramiel [2012/08]

We released the Atari STE invitation for Silly Venture 2012 party, which will take place from 7th to 9th of December 2012 in Gdansk, Poland. The event and also this invitation demo is a tribute to Jack Tramiel - the man behind the Atari ST and many other great computers from the classic home computing area - machines that we still enjoy today. Let his vision live on and see you in Gdansk!

It Don't Matter If You ... want Black and White [2012/03]

Recently, Paranoid finished adapting one of the most promising monochrome screen emulators named LaceMono V1.00 for the Atari STE. This programm was originally created by Tony Hoyle back in 1990 for ST and works easily from the AUTO folder by pressing L-shit + Control when booting up. So in case you need a monochrome application for your STE / MEGA STE - color monitor / TV combo once in a while, this is a good choice.

We wish you a nice holiday season - see you next year on Atari! [2011/12]

Paradox goes to Silly Venture and all you get is ... [2011/11]
this new STE-release. We decided to contribute to the Atari demo competitions for the Silly Venture 2011 party in Gdansk, Poland. It turned out to be one of the most stuffed and high quality featured Atari ST/E demo compos and Atari parties since many years and we are glad that we participated. Note to the organizer Grey/Mystic Bytes: thank you so much for arranging all this!

Additional thanks to Evil/DHS for the video recording of the demo:

The idea for the release came to Paranoids mind about two weeks before the party and was put together more or less quickly during the event. (Btw AdamK: thanks for the gummy-deadline:) Among other stuff, the demo contains a new blitter effect (zooming scroller) as well as a first glance of our Atari STE texture mapping 3D routines. Download at the releases section.

Paradox got the Blues at Outline 2011! [2011/06]
Yes, quite unexpected for ourselves we managed to release a little party production at the Outline party 2011 and even won (see the releases page).

"Blue Period" is a demo for STE and also runs on Falcon 030. As four of us were present at the party, we had a nice workflow. With some content beeing ready and most graphics and music created during the party we were more than happy to find the last annoying bugs and enter this to the compo. A live video from the compo night at the party can be seen right up there (thanks to MOd for the recording).

03. July 2011 - Update: Today we released a 1 MB version of the demo. Download the MSA-file in the releases section.

Back with an Atari STE intro! [2010/12]
Last weekend we released a little intro for Silly Venture Atari code compo. It was done as a little greeting to the party and was done in quite a hurry. As so often, it is done for Atari STE and should also work on the Falcon 030. Check the releases section.

Partycle to the rescue! [2010/07]
Due to a sudden lack of concentration the complete Paradox website was deleted - right after the latest major update a couple of days ago. With the helping hand of Partycle (Atari.Org) we were luckily able to recover everything in a puzzling way. At this point we want to thank you very much, Partycle!

New Atari STE intro! [2010/07]
We released a little intro to congratulate on the birth of RA's daughter. Welcome on earth!

3x Booting Up at Outline 2010 [2010/07]
RA and Paranoid have been coding three new bootsector intros for and at Outline 2010 party. These intros ranked 1st, 3rd and 4th place in the compo.

20 years Atari STE demo finished! [2009/12]
RA successfully finished the putting together of the 20 years ATARI STE demo. This was a huge project to celebrate the 20th birthday of our favorite Atari machine. It includes a lot of nice screens from many different groups. Thanks to everybody involved and happy birthday Atari STE!

New member! [2009/10]
We are really happy to welcome Dan as a new member of the Paradox team. Dan is a graphician and is well known for his work back in the golden Falcon days (early nineties), when he painted for the Independent, mainly the demogroup Lazer.

Current activites [2009/08]
Some litte news regrading our STE-release for Outline 2006. It has been bugfixed so you can download it in the releases part. Beside that, we are still preparing the "20 years STE-megademo with a hopefully huge number of contributions from the Atari fans out there. For questions and discussions on this topic please visit the forum.

Alternative Party invitro released! [2008/09]
Just a couple of weeks before the Alternative Party will take place in Finland, we released the Atari invitro for this event. The intro works perfectly fine on Atari STE computers. It should also run on Atari Falcon, but not the way it is supposed to be. Also, the intro isn't really a huge friend of emulators, so the best way to go is to download the intro and run it on your good old original STE.

Back with a 96ktro for Atari STE! [2008/08]
RA, Paranoid and 505 visited the great Outline party in the Netherlands. There, we won the Atari demo compo with a new 96k-intro called "Again". As usual, it runs on Atari STE and Falcon computers. You can download the intro on the releases subsite.

New Chipmusic disc released! [2007/05]
Finally we finished our first Chipmusic disc. This time even all members were involved in the creation in some way. The demo should work on Atari ST, STE and Falcon (don't know about TT). You can download it in the releases section.

Paradox at Outline [2007/05]
We gathered at this years Outline party to do some new Atari things as well as talk about upcoming projects. The next one beeing a chipmusic disk.. stay tuned.

Paracon 8 meeting [2006/11]
The whole Paradox crew it going to meet at the Paracon 8 party from 1-3. December 2006. Luckily, the event is organized once again by the Paranoia team :)

New Atari STE intro released [2006/06]
Visiting Outline party was great. There Paranoid and 505 started working on some little party intro, which finally was entered into the intro competition. Also some scene activity from NO/Escape was involved here (he painted the font at the party). Download 96shades of grey in the releases section.

Interupting sleepmode [2006/06]
After Paracon party the group felt in sleepmode for various reasons. Anyway, there are some project ideas already, so let's see what is going to happen next. At least two of us - Paranoid and 505 - will happily head for Outline 2006 party in the Netherlands.

Paracon 7 invitro released [2005/11]
The invitation intro for the Paracon 7 party has been released. It runs on Atari STE and Falcon only and features some heavy blitter usage along with all important information on the party taking place this November. Download it is the releases section.

Paracon 7 coming up [2005/11]
Paranoid and the members or Paranoia are organizing another edition of the Paracon parties. It will take place again, in the cold and foggy late-November-Taunus-hills of Niederselters. Most likely all Paradox members will be present.

Pacemaker 1 MB version finished [2005/09]
As a little update of our Pacemaker demo, finally a version for Ataris with 1 MB of RAM has been released at the Dresden Atari Summer. It can be downloaded both as fileversion and as .MSA archive in the releases section. At the Dresden Atari Summer some group photos have been made in a very atmospheric surrounding, showing that we are so damn cool blokes ;). Those will be put here or anywhere else later on.

Paradox group meeting [2005/09]
All members of the Paradox team will be gathering in Dresden during the upcoming weekend. We will possibly exchange our ideas on future projects as well as meet up with our friends from Escape, Checkpoint, Lineout, .tSCc. and others.

"We set the pace on the STE!" - Pacemaker is out [2005/09]
Puuh.. finally our first demo called "Pacemaker" is finished. It is an Atari STE demo which also works on Atari Falcon. Crappy code and music, but watch our genious gfx man breaking all dimensions of 16 colour gfx (editors sidenote: ZWF forced me to write this last sentence). Grab the demo in the releases section.

Working on the demo [2005/08]
We are not dead and still working on the "Pacemaker" demo. Release won't last long anymore, so stay tuned.

Pacemaker preview presented [2005/04]
Paradox presented their new Atari STE-demo "Pacemaker" at the Outline party 2005. It ranked first place in the combined Demo/Intro/Wild competition. The final version of "Pacemaker" should be ready and released in the following weeks. Outline party also was a good opportunity to (successfully) test the working flow of the group :)

Paradox going to Outline 2005 [2005/02]
It seems as all four Paradox members will attend the Outline party 2005 in the Netherlands this Easter. See you there!

Paradox website goes online [2005/02]
Finally, the Paradox webiste goes online. You can reach it at

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